Q: Is FreeSamples.co.uk Legit?

A: Yes 100% Legit, see our Freebie Photos page for proof of freebies our visitors have received, also take a look at our Twitter page (in the “LIKES” section) you will find 100s of Testimonials with photos from our Free Samples Club members who have received a free samples pack and freebies from using our website.

What Info to Give Out

  1. EMAIL ADDRESS: You can create an extra email address on yahoo or Hotmail. Use this email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.
  2. ADDRESS: It’s necessary to give out your real address. If you don’t give a valid address when signing up for a freebie, there is no way it can be delivered to your house.
  3. PHONE NUMBER: Rarely is there a valid reason for a freebie offer to require a phone number. If a freebie requires a phone number honestly I just put in 555-555-5555

Q: Why Free? There has to be a catch!

A: Nope, no catch. You never have to pay anything. Companies are always giving away freebies, because they hope that you like their product and become a buyer in the future.Please watch the testimonial video below etc

Q: If I sign up for the updates, is my email address safe?

A: Yup. You’ll only get updates to new freebies that we’ve posted. Trust us, we hate spam too.

Q: Do I need to be a UK resident to sign up to FreeSamples.co.uk?

A: Yes, you do need to be a resident of UK to sign up to our newsletter.

Q: Why haven’t my freebies arrived yet?

A: Most offers take time since they get tons of orders at once. We don’t send out the freebies, we just post about companies that are offering them. Most freebies should come within 8 weeks though.

Q: Do I have to pay delivery?

A: Unless it’s a great deal, we only post freebies and samples that offer free delivery. If you do have to pay delivery, we’ll tell you.

Q: Will I get massive amounts of SPAM?

A: We do everything that we can to find companies who do not spam, but if you give companies your real e-mail address, you should expect e-mails from the company. To get around this you can create an extra email address on yahoo or Hotmail and use that email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.

Q: Alright sounds good, so how do I get freebies?

A: Just hit on the “GET FREEBIE” button for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your address info to get freebies.After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.Plus if you sign up our newsletter, we will email you the new freebies.

Q: How do i get free samples and free beauty treatments from my local shopping centre?

A: Getting Hold of Beauty Samples for Free!

A: Get Yourself Free Beauty Counter Treatments

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: You can see our full privacy policy here.

Q: Spread the word

A: Please tell your friends and family about our website and all the great freebies they can claim.Simply copy and paste the link below to your email account, Blog, Facebook or Twitter:


Q: I have stopped receiving my newsletter

A: You can ensure you always receive our newsletter by adding the email address: sarah@freesamples.co.uk as a Safe sender.

Q: If you still have more questions?

A: Do you have a question which we haven’t answered above? please send us a message using our contact us form and we will get back to you within 12hrs.

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