Tips and Hints

Essential Tips and Hints for active Freebie Hunting

• Get a new separate email address besides your primary email account; this is to prevent your main email box from being filled with deals. Gmail or Hotmail is recommended for this purpose.

• Register on Facebook and Twitter and watch out for users who are also in search for freebies and get the best and most recent deals. We usually have new orders on a daily basis; these social media platforms will keep you updated on such daily offers.

• To get all the deals, it is best to sign up for our periodic email newsletters. Our best offers will be selected and sent in our daily newsletters, so you are not left out on any freebie.

• For the best offers, visit our websites every day; we update our site by 12am daily, adding a minimum of 6 to 8 new freebies. We offer good offers from trusted companies.

Valuable tips for freebie hunting

1. Freebies come and go very fast; so quickly apply as soon as you get an offer. The earlier you grab the offer and apply, the higher your chance of grabbing the deal.

2. Carefully go with the provided instructions, settle down and complete the forms and always confirm that your address is correct before submitting your details so that your freebie is not sent to a wrong address.

3. If you don’t need a particular stuff, don’t order; apply for just your needs, so that everyone interested would have a chance to apply and you will be given yours also.

4. New freebies don’t usually last for long, so always check us out again and again throughout the day to see if we’ve got an offer you want.

Tips in how to get free samples and free beauty treatments from your local shopping centre.

Getting Hold of Beauty Samples for Free!

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TOP TIP for O2 Priority App to get their freebies.

1)  Order a Free Sim Card.
2) Put it in your phone.
3) Download the Priority App and put that cards number in it (it asks you for it)
4) Then take out the sim and put your normal one back in!
5) Remember never log out.

Your O2 priority app will still work.Only works on unlocked phones.

Over the past couple of months, we have given out numerous exciting freebies.Have you got too many freebies?

• Be kind enough to share with family or friends.
• Any excess? Advertise them for sale on eBay.
• Don’t forget the needy out there.
• Swap what you have for what you need.

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